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"Looking for Love in Alderaan Places (a.k.a. My Fan Expo Speed Dating Experience)”


Sorry. Given the scenario, I had to get that pun in here…. 

Earlier, I wrote about my experience on this past Fan Expo, which was the first Fan Expo I’ve ever attended. Admittedly, in years prior when I contemplated going, one of the “attractions” that intrigued me was the Speed Dating event, presented by

Now, for those who haven’t Google researched this, or seen it portrayed in many-a-romantic comedy, speed dating is dating done, well, speedily. You, along with 15 to 20 of those in the same gender, are placed in a room along with 15 to 20 of those from the opposite gender. Everyone will get a sticker with a number (maybe with their name also), and a scorecard with a pen or pencil. In that setting, you spend about 3 minutes talking with someone in hopes that you’ve created some kind of rapport, or, the worst case scenario I’m assuming, find someone physically attractive enough to want to pursue something further. When everybody gets a chance to talk to each other, they mark yes or no towards whoever on their scorecard, hand in their scorecard to the host(s), and within days or mere moments, you will find out if you’ve received a “match”, which meant that two people selected yes towards each other, and are forwarded their contact information. Whatever happens after that happens after that.

I’m not sure what year they started doing this thing, but apparently it’s as popular as candy-coated crack, and the organizers cite “fantastic match rate percentages” (whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean). So given that, and some pre-encouragement I received on Wastebook (i.e. Facebook), admittedly it was a kick to the testicular region when I received an e-mail shortly afterwards, stating that I had zero matches. Now there’s a myriad of factors that could have been in play, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that I wasn’t picked by someone. Looking back, it probably was for the better, but yeah, it kind of sucked at the time.

Which leads me to here: when I read up on prior Fan Expo Speed Dating events to find out what it was about, most, if not all, of the accounts I read were from the ladies’ perspective, and more often than not, it seemed to put the dudes in a rather crappy light. Whether a positive or negative outcome was acquired, I wanted to put out a “field report” from a guy’s perspective, and give other guys an ideal of what to expect, and even though the event was kind of buttcheeks for me, I will attempt to give advice to any dude who will ever contemplate doing this, and with as little vociferation as possible…though I’m sure there’s still potential that I’ll get called a giant d-bag (though I genuinely hope not).

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“Into the Ant Farm – My First Fan Expo”

A little while back, I went to Fan Expo on one of the days it was held (on the Friday, to be exact). Now, if you’re reading this, you most likely know what Fan Expo is, but for the uninitiated, Fan Expo is, for lack of better terms, the San Diego Comic-Con of Canada: the primo event where fans and celebrities of a myriad of “nerd” genres conglomerate to partake in (or promote) numerous promotions of said genres. Whether it be gaming or anime; comics or even wrestling, this is the hot spot of all those fandoms coming together.

Now, this being the first Fan Expo I’ve ever attended, admittedly I felt at times like a fish out of water. I’ve read of bigger horror stories about different years, about specific days even (mostly about the Saturdays), but attending Fan Expo felt like an extreme practice of patience: from lengthy line-ups (and some of them being line-ups for the line-ups) to people getting in your elbow space on a constant, I could analogize Fan Expo to an ant farm. Also, though needless to say about conventions in general, there are VARIOUS ways to blow your money on, well, anything. Clothing, drawings, VIP access, overpriced Pizza Pizza; you name it. Heck, they even had an EB Games (the Canadian division of GameStop) in there. Yeah, unless you’re already willing to spend on that, if you don’t keep track of it, your money can be gone in a hurry.

In spite of what I mentioned, which probably sound like gripes, and having piss-poor service at the St. Louis Wings off Bremner Blvd., overall I had a good time. It was a long day for me, but it was a uniquely new experience for me. The only thing I could possibly recommend to somebody who’s contemplating going to a Fan Expo (or an event like this) for the first time is, if at all possible, go with a friend; either someone who’s been to an event like this to help prime you in what to expect, or somebody who hasn’t gone to a Fan Expo like you so you both can share in the experience.

Thankfully, especially after dealing with a rather lackluster Speed Dating experience, I met up with one of my dudes, and we messed around with some gaming things, like the stuff at the Intel area (which gave me more of an itch to get into PC gaming), and playing some rounds of Killer Instinct at the Xbox One area, which had pure folk getting hyped at times.

Finally, while I didn’t get anything for myself, I did end up buying a Batman and Wonder Woman t-shirt for my niece, which I don’t think I could give to her directly right now, because she always starts to cry when she sees me; maybe ‘cause while I kind of look like him, to her, I still ain’t her daddy…Man, I hope I don’t have to buy her a pony when she gets older…

(Umm, little girls still like ponies, right?)


                 "Train up a child in the way that they should go…"

On Tuesday, March the 6th, some big gaming titles were released: Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Major League Baseball 2K12, and MLB 12: The Show. As I drove to my local EB Games to pick up a copy of MLB 12: The Show, I decided to tape my iPhone to my dashboard and record my thoughts at the time. What ensued was a mangled piece of a rant, where I talk about the segregation between “hardcore/real” gamers and “other types” of gamers, my thoughts on how sports games are a little at fault for the dirty pool in modern gaming, Kate Upton’s cleavage (Again?!), and ultimately giving credit where credit is due, whether you’re a sports gamer or not.

Part 1:

In Part 2 of my playthrough/commentary of the demo for Major League Baseball 2K12, I try to gain some form of my pride in attempting a “late-game” rally? Will I be successful, or fail horrendously? Plus, at the ending, I make the choice: MLB 2K or MLB: The Show? (Though if you watched Part 1, or have ever taken a gander on my Twitter, I think you’ll know where I’m leaning towards…)

In the first ever video game commentary on my channel, I play and talk about the demo of Major League Baseball 2K12, while showing to all of the internet that I’m a scrub, possibly in more ways than one…

Yeah, yeah; it has been more than a New York minute since I posted up a video. However, I am back at it again, with an “update video”, giving a brief glimpse of what I’m envisioning down the pipeline in 2012.

Some of the videos I mentioned in this “video”:

Sugar, Sugar-Guitar Instrumental -
"What Happened to All the Nice Guys?" -
Jose Bautista on Steroids? Prove It. -

Snap, it has been a minute since I posted something up on here period, but I’m back, with a Throwback Thursday. While I guess it’s not that “old”, this game was so clutch (and I ain’t even that big into basketball), and apparently there’s a plethora of others in the comments section that agree on this game being clutch.

(Seriously, EA; why don’t you bring this back as a downloadable or something?)

The Internet: where the men are boys, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents.

Jose Bautista: Cover Athlete for the Canadian Version of MLB 12: The Show.

There is no good trying to be more spiritual than God. God never meant for man to be a purely spiritual creature. That is why He uses material things like bread and wine to put new life into us. We may think this rather crude and unspiritual. God does not: He invented eating. He likes matter. He invented it.
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity